Author: Fandom: X-men
Pairings: Gamquick (Remy/Pietro)
Rating: Explicit (NC-17)
Word Count: 103804
Warnings: Em, homicide?

Detective Pietro Maximoff, son of the Police Commissioner, is a good cop. He has his whole career planned out, but then the new Lieutenant transfers in from New Orleans and shakes things up. He’s charming, he’s gorgeous, and Pietro hates him - or does he?

Goddamn southern cops.

Additional tags: Cop!Au, no powers, closeted Pietro, ongoing

Karol’s babbling: I;ve swallowed this fic, faster than any other this long. It is the best Gamquick out there (not that there are many). Lots of feels, plot (I have a thing for cop!aus) and developing relationship. Amazing.